Evento Científico

Clear mind and heart (self-awareness)

Parallel lecture (P16)

Alessandro VERGENDO

We are in a society that is changing at a dizzying pace! Perhaps part of the discomforts and problems we observe in human beings start from here? We are certainly receiving more stimuli from the last century than from the entire evolutionary history of Man. We are immersed in a reality that makes us feel under pressure, out of breath, and in which many people become victims, despite themselves, of this rapid evolution. But some people, many of us, find themselves making choices, acting, thinking, and doing things they would never otherwise have done. We are all a bit victim of our evolution which, despite the fact that it has provided us with extraordinary resources and tools, including cognitive as well as physical ones, seems no longer to be effective. Fortunately, it’s not like this, but today we need to know the basics of operation in order not to suffer the effects of automatic reactions. The key is not how much and what stimuli we receive but how we interpret them, how we react and the emotional meaning we give to these stimuli and to the context in which we are. We can observe this when a person relates to another, in daily life, in the family, at work, in critical situations and in emergencies: we know how emotions play a fundamental, sometimes vital, role! In this lecture Alessandro Vergendo will accompany you to discover emotions, in an authentic way, to understand what they want to communicate to us. A "Deep Inside-State of Mind" journey within ourselves for profound self-awareness. We will find out what emotions are and what they are for, how they relate, where they are born and what they are really for. And we will do it with a simple but at the same time scientific approach. Thanks to examples, we will discover what neuroscience has discovered in relation to emotions and what we know happens inside our brain when two people relate in tune and in empathy or relate in conflict. We will discover the automatic relationship patterns and how to recognize them in order not to suffer because of them, what are our extraordinary characteristics resulting from evolution and how we can make sure to use them effectively and functionally to achieve our objectives and to be truly effective in our interventions.

Día 4


21 Octubre

14.30 - 15.30 Conferencias paralelas / Talleres
  • Code: P16
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Language: Italian
  • Translations: German - French

Alessandro VERGENDO

CEO and Chairman of VEGA Consultancies he is an expert professional doctor in training and educational sciences, facilitator in human resources, master in Neuro- Management of organizations and Expert Professional Counselor. He is one of the leading experts in cognitive neuro-enhancement and mental training. He collaborates with organizations and managers of important international companies and sport teams. He is one of the leading international experts in leadership and human capital facilitation. He works alongside the Company Human Resources and inside sports teams of national and Olympic athletes of various sports. Thanks to his skills and his innovative methodology unique in the world ( Deep Inside State of Mind ) he has led to success great sports champions and Olympic sports teams.