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ACT, hopefulness through experience

Workshop (W69)

Acceptance and commitment-therapy (ACT) is a kind of cognitive based therapy where we try to install change and hope through experience first, talking later. Rather than changing the content of your thoughts, it tries to change the relation you have with them. In this workshop we will let you feel what ACT has to offer, what the core principals are and how it can be used to be there for people on the phone.  

Giorno 4


21 Ottobre

14.30 - 17.00 Workshops
  • Code: W69
  • Duration: 120 min (coffee break included)
  • Language: English
  • Target: Volunteers
  • Participants: Max. 16 - Fully booked


As a man of 26 years old, Glenn De Cleene works as a psychological consulent/healthcare professional in a psychiatrisch hospital since five years. There he does the follow up for the daily routine of the patients, has individual psychological sessions with them and gives therapy by using ACT (acceptance and commitment-therapy). Before that Glenn did his internship with Tele-Onthaal and the suicide hotline, both emergency phone lines (Belgium, Flanders) and worked as a volunteer for two years. Now he hopes to share his experience from the psychiatric hospital to help people better understand how 'acceptance' may help people, and what includes 'capacity for change' out of an ACT perspective. Besides that Glenn loves to go climbing or hiking in his free time, and loves to go dancing with his partner. 

Institution: Tele-Onthaal, Belgium 



Eva Van Houdt is 31 years old and trained as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalytical psychotherapist. She worked as a staff member at Tele-Onthaal Antwerp (emergency phone line in Belgium, Flanders) for five years, coaching, training and supporting volunteers. She currently works as a psychologist in a health center in Aalst, doing therapy with people who live in poverty or have a migration story. In her free time she enjoys mindfulness, yoga and meditation. She is training to become a shinrin yoku (forest bathing) guide. 

Institution: Tele-Onthaal, Belgium