Evento Científico

Tango & communication: talking and listening through our dancing bodies

Workshop (W72)

A proposal to reflect on interpersonal communication and discover the richness of verbal and non-verbal interaction channels. An approach to non-violent communication, learning to develop empathy, assertiveness and active listening through the practice of Tango. An invitation to meet through dance, music and words. The workshop is open to everyone. It is not necessary to know how to dance Tango and participation is open to all people, with or without a partner.
 Experiential workshop with live music. 

Día 4


21 Octubre

14.30 - 17.00 Talleres
  • Code: W72
  • Duration: 120 min (coffee break included)
  • Language: English - German - Italian - French
  • Target: General
  • Participants: Max. 30 - Fully booked


Francesca Fedrizzi (counselor, tango therapist and writer) and Brian Chambouleyron (musician, artist and performer) are a couple in work and in life. They have spent years touring Europe and South America spreading their artistic, therapeutic and educational work in various projects, being part of their own life choice.