Evento Científico

The art of Change / L'arte del Cambiamento / Die Kunst der Veränderung 

Workshop (W70)

Art is a powerful experience that allows us to see change with our own eyes and touch it with our own hands. Colored chalks will be experimented on paper with an unusual technique, which will activate the participants’ sensory perceptions to observe ad feel, not just independently, but staying connected with the group: the objective is to realize an artwork, which will represent the change for single person and for community. A background in art is not requested, because the workshop is structured considering that participants are not artists. The workshop will be in English, but I’m not mother tongue and I will try to involve everyone creating a good atmosphere. 

Día 4


21 Octubre

14.30 - 17.00 Talleres
  • Code: W70
  • Duration: 120 min (coffee break included)
  • Language: English (the workshop leader understand also German - Italian - French)
  • Target: General
  • Participants: Max. 30


Graduated in Philosophy in 2003, is a Philosphical Counselor and Art Therapist with experience in health and social area. She worked for many years in Milan in San Raffaele Hospital and in Novartis Pharma and she is author of publications concerning philosophical counseling and antroposophy. Since 2020 she moved in Udine where she works free lance.