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Marano Lagoon

A boat trip in the charm of the lagoon environment

A guided boat tour to visit one of the most fascinating areas of the Upper Adriatic Sea, with its unique lagoon flora and fauna and the typical fishermen's "casoni".

The tour includes a stop in Marano, a fishing village. An aperitif and a snack with a taste of local products will be served on board.

Departure from Lignano at 14.30 and return by 19.00.

Reservations are open on the online registration form.

Día 3


20 Octubre

14.30 - 18.30 Tours
  • Tour 2
  • Date: Friday 20 October 2023
  • Time: 14.30 - 18.30
  • Boat tour
  • Languages: English, German, French, Italian
  • Aperitif and snack included
  • Cost: 65 EUR

Marano Lagoon

The Marano Lagoon, contained between the last coastal point of Lignano Sabbiadoro and the Grado Lagoon, is a landscape of extraordinary beauty that hosts unique fauna and flora of significant naturalistic importance.

Protected from the open sea by a series of islands and islets, like Sant'Andrea, also known as Isola delle Conchiglie, it is characterised by swampy vegetation and the unique fishermen's lodgings, the typical "casoni", built with cane and wood, that make Marano Lagoon one of the most interesting places in the Upper Adriatic Sea.

There are two nature reserves in the Marano Lagoon:

  • The Riserva delle Foci del Fiume Stella (Reserve of the Mouths of the Stella River) that takes in the entire delta of the river, and can only be visited by boat
  • The Riserva della Valle Canal Novo (Canal Novo Valley Reserve) that covers an ex-fishing of around thirty-five hectares.