Scientific program

Day topics

Within the general theme of the congress "Acceptance and capacity for change", each day will focus on a different topic:

  • Day 1: What has changed
  • Day 2:  How to deal with changes - Ways to cope
  • Day 3:  Where is hope - How to go on
  • Day 4:  What perspectives for the future of TES
Scientific program

Congress sessions

Most of the congress scientific programme is online
Each day will address different aspects of the congress theme: Acceptance - Change - Hope.
Keynote speakers will introduce the topic of the day, which will be then developed over several sessions, offering a wide range of parallel lectures and workshops to choose from.

The Plenary sessions - at the beginning of each day - are open to all registered participants and do not require booking.
Parallel lectures and workshops are held on 19, 20, 21 October in the morning, and on 19 and 21 in the afternoon.
In the morning parallel lectures and workshops all last 90 minutes. 
In the afternoon the parallel lectures are scheduled in two different sessions of 60 minutes each, while the workshops last 120 minutes, with the exception of a couple of workshops that last 60 minutes (in this case the participants can combine a parallel lesson for the first hour and a 60 minutes workshop for the following hour).

Registered participants are required to  book their preferred activities by completing  their online registration form.
Each activity has a registration code that you will find in the description and on the booking form.
Please note that some workshops have a limited number of seats.
Details for each activity are specified in the program below.

Scientific program

Congress languages 

The congress languages are English, German, Italian and French. 
Participants will always find an option available in these languages for each congress session.

Plenary Sessions: translation from and to all languages are provided.
Parallel lectures are held in one or two languages with translation to one or two languages, except for some sessions which are only in German.
Workshops are held in one language. Some workshops don't require much verbal communication, so participants of any language can attend.
In some workshops the trainers are able to speak more than one language and will facilitate the communication in the languages indicated.
Please refer to the program for detailed information on the languages and translations available for each congress activity.


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