Scientific Event

Dance and folklore for the evolution of the Heart

Workshop (W25)

Traditions are part of our identity and knowing them allows us to be aware of our roots, making us open to new experiences. Dance and music lead the heart into a state of harmony, amplified by the energy created by the group which helps to progress and change together. Welcome to the folk dance workshop with the great Stelutis family from Udine!

Day 2


19 October

14.30 - 17.00 Workshops
  • Code: W25
  • Duration: 120 min (coffee break included)
  • Language: English - German - Italian - French
  • Target: General
  • Participants: Max. 30 - Fully booked

Tiziano RIDOLFO and Elena SIONE

Folk group "Stelutis di Udin", Udine, Italy