Scientific Event

Beyond words: a silent communication experience

Workshop (W11)

There are situations in which presence, active listening and empathic understanding between two or more people may be expressed in a non-verbal form. Our body will speak for us, in silence, allowing us to discover our innate ability to communicate. I invite you to an experience based on play and interaction with the Other, pillars of my work for more than ten years with people without verbal language. The results of my work and my own personal experience have taught me the infinite richness of our full presence with the other person and have made me more aware of communication beyond words, with the certainty that in silence nothing is 'missing', on the contrary, it is precisely there, in this absence of words, that we are able to establish the deepest bonds. 

Experiential workshop.

Day 2


19 October

11.00 - 12.30 Parallel Lectures / Workshops
  • Code: W11
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Language: English - German - Italian - French
  • Target: General
  • Participants: Max. 30 - Fully booked

Francesca FEDRIZZI

Francesca Fedrizzi is a counselor and Tango therapist. Graduated in Economics and Commerce at the University of Trieste, Francesca worked in the Milan Stock Exchange. She moved to Buenos Aires in 2006 where she completed her studies in counseling and training in Tango-therapy. Counselor certified by the NBCC, she has participated as a speaker in various Congresses, Days and Conferences in Italy, Europe and America. Her work as a counselor, university professor (UCES - Buenos Aires) and promoter of projects based on tango-therapy, takes place between Argentina and Europe. She organizes and coordinates tango-counseling workshops for people with aphasia. With her husband Brian Chambouleyron (singer and guitar player), she organises emotional education courses for adults and adolescents; together, they also coordinate inclusive events open to people with disabilities. Always with Brian has also developed the proposal for personal growth "Tango & Communication". Her book “Ballando le Parole” has been translated and published in several languages.